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Media Distribution

Delivering premium content to viewers worldwide.

Television Industry Experts

Bridgelight Media Services delivers top TV content via traditional cable networks, OTT and IPTV platforms across the globe.

Linear Television Broadcasting

Launch a new channel or expand the reach of an existing channel to a new jurisdiction.

International TV Channels

  • Bridgelight offers top international channels to residential and commercial subscribers.

  • See our cost-effective technical solutions for signal reception and delivery.


Bridgelight Media Services has experience with all the parts of broadcasting and digital media.

Expand And Thrive

Our clients are those who want to grow and launch in new territories, increasing subscription and ad revenue.

Worldwide Presence

Bridgelight Has Range

  • Working with carriers and networks world-wide, with an especially strong presence in Canada, US and the Caribbean.

  • Delivering top content to viewers worldwide like Sky News.

Sky News Channel

  • World-class breaking news service.

  • Politics, Business, Technology, Health, Entertainment and Sport.

  • Available 24/7 across platforms - TV, mobile, online, radio and iPad.

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