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Video Solutions

Bringing you top quality live streams and videos globally.

Modern Video Experts

Bridgelight Media Services brings you top quality live streams and videos globally with reliability and scalability - while being cost-effective.

IP Video Services

We provide IP video services for media companies world-wide for any type of content - 24 hour news channels, sports and entertainment or media of all types.

Video Transmission

End-to-end video transmission across a global fibre and satellite network depending on the customer's needs. 24/7 customer service ensuring the best content delivery.


  • Support for single or multi-program transport streams with the ability to deliver complete transport stream or individual channels as needed.

  • Support for ASI, SD-SDI, HD-SDI and IP inputs and outputs.

  • Optional MPEG2 and MPEG4 encoding and decoding available.

Traditional Television Distribution

  • Satellite requires large compression, latency, expense and operational cost.

  • Video distributors need a fibre-based solution that is capable of growing without getting more complex operationally - saving money.

Linear Distribution

One feed is repeated and delivered to multiple end points across the global fibre network we use. It is reliable, secure, quick and scalable.

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